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About Rakesh

Through intensive practice of the science of yoga and several visits to India, doors of perception opened to Rakesh which provided the answers and experiences his soul had yearned for.

​His entire family, including his father, mother, and two older brothers, like Rakesh, spent many years living in the Himalayan Mountains studying with their guru. The roles they had developed with each other in the earlier years of their family life were replaced by becoming each other’s supporters on the path to enlightenment. At different times throughout the decades, they had centers for yoga and meditation in Montreal and Vancouver where anyone could come to learn from them.

Rakesh’s diverse life experiences have given him far-reaching wisdom and empathy, making him a most wonderful counsellor and guide in personal, practical, and spiritual matters. After his guru left his body, Rakesh decided to devote his life solely to helping others in finding true freedom and happiness through meditation, higher awareness, inner freedom, and a practical approach to daily life situations. He has taught yoga and meditation in Montreal and Vancouver, Canada.

Rakesh received an honourary  teaching certificate from the Vishwa Unnayan Samsad institute (the World Development Parliament).

About Barbara

Barbara’s comforting presence and uplifting laughter are a healing balm to those who spend time with her. She is a compassionate listener and gives wise counsel. Deeply inspired by the wisdom and joy exemplified by her meditation teacher, Barbara has spent decades studying the philosophy of oneness and meditation. She has taught meditation and the study of yog philosophy in Montreal and Vancouver centers and is certified to teach meditation and yogic studies, Patanjali Yog Darshan, and the Bhagavad Gita.  She also participated in the World Yoga Conference and received a degree from the Vishwa Unnayan Samsad Institute.

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