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Patanjali Yog:
An Ancient Guide To Enlightenment

Patanjali Yog, also known as the Patanjali Yog Sutras, is an ancient Indian text. It presents the practices related to reaching enlightenment as an accumulation of the knowledge of the ancient sages of India and does this in a precise fashion. It also describes the states and levels of consciousness belonging to a human being, as well as to yogis as they progress toward their final goal. Rakesh, in his rendition, gives a word-for-word breakdown of each Sanskrit aphorism followed by the complete sentence translation. He then gives a lucid commentary on each aphorism using modern, easily-comprehensible language. What is most important to note is that every explanation he gives is based on his own experience, so his rendition of this famous work touches a deep chord in the readers, taking them on a journey of inner discovery.

* To get Rakesh’s book in Kindle e-book format, you have to order from the Amazon site of your country anywhere in the world.

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