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Courses by Rakesh

Rakesh offers courses to groups and yoga studios based on his books:

  • The Handbook of Meditation: Discovery of Internal Happiness

  • Patanjali Yog: An Ancient Guide to Enlightenment

  • Vivakyk Churdamani: The Crowning Jewel of Knowledge

The length of the course is chosen by the group or studio requesting the course. Each session is dynamic, interactive, and gives each person opportunities to ask questions and express in their own words what they have come to see and understand.

Contact Rakesh to make requests for or inquiries about the courses. 

Courses by Barbara

Barbara is offering a course on the study of India’s most famous scripture, the Bhagavad Gita. The knowledge conveyed through the verses set forth in the scripture is discussed and students learn how to recite and sing the verses, as well.

Other courses and programs offered by Barbara:

  • Learning to chant and imbibe the sounds, meanings, and essence of key verses in the ancient Vedic text, the Bhagavad Gita

  • Creativity and Meditation: Removing personal blocks and ‘writer’s block’ through the practice of contemplation and inner expression. (Meditation and writing exercises will be provided.) 

  • Yog Vashisht and Waking Up from the Dream of the Waking State Illusion: The Philosophy and Practice of Meditation.

  • Christianity and Contemplation: Rediscovering Contemplation or Meditation in light of the ancient Judeo-Christian tradition (an interpretation and practical application of the words and parables of Christ)

Contact Barbara to make requests for or inquiries about the courses. 

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