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Meditation Explained
Internal Happiness  Alpha Waves Mantra

This resource explains exactly what meditation is, how to perform four traditional techniques, and elucidates the physiological and psychological benefits. Pre-meditation stretching exercises given provide an effective lead-in to meditation. The final section defines the philosophy of yoga
and meditation. Meditation Explained is written by Rakesh Richard Tunis, a teacher who has dedicated his life to the study and practice of meditation since the age of 15. He spent many years in India with an enlightened guru/master of meditation in his quest to fathom the full depth
of meditation.

This book is suitable for those wanting to learn how to meditate, those needing direction in their practice, and as a guide for teachers of the subject. Rakesh Richard Tunis' over forty years of research and personal experiences are eloquently expressed in this comprehensive treatise that
demystifies and sheds light on meditation.

I found Meditation Explained to be well-written, clear and enjoyable. As a guide to the practice and benefits of meditation, the book is second to none.
— Glen Kezwer, Ph.D., Author of Meditation, Oneness and Physics

* To get Rakesh’s book in Kindle e-book format, you have to order from the Amazon site of your country anywhere in the world.

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