The Handbook of Meditation
Discovery of Internal Happiness

As one 82-year-old woman said after reading this book: Why didn’t anyone ever write a book like this before, which makes meditation and how to do it so clear?”

This resource explains exactly what meditation is, how to perform four traditional techniques, and elucidates on the physiological and psychological benefits. Pre-meditation stretching exercises given provide an effective lead-in to meditation. The final section summarizes the philosophy of yoga and meditation.

​The Handbook of Meditation: Discovery of Internal Happiness is certainly not only for novices. Rakesh (Richard Tunis) poured the wide spectrum of his experience with meditation into this work. His aim was to answer all the questions he ever had about the practice and all the questions he was ever asked by students and members of his audiences. This covers his more than 45 years of experimentation, practice, and teaching. 

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